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Finding Hope After Trauma

Experiencing trauma can leave lasting scars, but

important to remember that healing and rebuilding your life

is possible, At Evangeline North, we are dedicated to supporting

you on your journey towards recovery.

Calling Him Trust

Embrace Hope

Calling Him Trusted

Have you ever questioned where God was during your times of abuse? Do you find yourself asking why it happened? Are you battling anger, low self-esteem, or struggling to maintain healthy relationships?

By addressing hard questions about God's justice and goodness, "Calling Him Trusted" invites you to reflect on your own life story and recognize where God fits into it.


Evangeline shares heartfelt stories and offers practical questions to help nurture a deeper personal relationship with Jesus. She dedicates chapters to managing Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) and navigating the challenges of marriage, parenting, friendships, and church life.

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