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Trust In God’s Unfailing Goodness to Heal and Transform Your Wounds
Stop struggling alone and let God heal the parts of you that feel unmendable.

Recognized and Praised

Available on major platforms with outstanding reviews

Community Event at Evangeline North Church
Community Event at Evangeline North Church
Community Event at Evangeline North Church
Community Event at Evangeline North Church
The work in the field of PTSD is essential for many who struggle with this disorder and the faith-centered work done by Evangeline. There are many living with this and don't know there is hope and help. We applaud her work.

Roger Cullen, Life-Line Colorado

Are you watching others
Overcome their trauma, while
you feel isolated and trapped in
your own pain?

Do you hear other Christians
joyfully talk about the goodness

of God while you silently
struggle through the idea that
He isn’t good at all?
You want to believe deeply in the goodness of God and live joyfully, but don’t know how.

God sees you and knows you. There’s hope.
Community Event at Evangeline North Church
Worship Gathering at Evangeline North Church
Discover if "Calling Him Trusted" is right for you.
This book is for you if…
You’re ready to develop confidence in your identity based on how God defines you.
You’re ready to reduce shame and live believing you are an asset to your family and friends.
You’re ready to hear truths about God that will restore your trust in Him.
You want practical advice and strategies to improve your mental health.
Worship Gathering at Evangeline North Church
Community Event
Bonus Material Included:
Ponder questions at the end of each chapter designed to help you process your relationship with God as well as your trauma.

Encouragement for the days ahead: practical advice for day-to-day living.
Calling Him Trusted
This book is meant for you: the trauma survivor, weary from the overwhelming burden of self-healing, the uncertainty of where God fits into your story, and the feelings of fear and distrust that weave through all your relationships.

Discover the profound freedom that arises when you allow God to take on the role of healer in your life while Calling Him Trusted
Calling Him Trust
Evangeline North
I know we haven’t met,
but reader, I know you…
I know you're tired of being tired. And you’re worried you won’t find rest or healing. No matter your trauma, you want to live a joy filled life. A life where your relationship with God is strong and feels safe​​
I want this for you too.

I spent years distrusting God and most
relationships in my life. I felt alone and so tired. It took me years to believe I was worth
God’s love. It took me years to believe in God's
goodness. I don’t want it to take this long for you. 

This book provides an opportunity for you to process your story while addressing your relationship
with God. It gives you tools to use as you journey through
life on the other side of trauma.
Calling Him Trust

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