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Evangeline North

Evangeline is a writer, photographer, outdoor enthusiast, mother, and wife whose comfort and anchor is Jesus. She is an overcomer and survivor who hopes that her life with Complex Trauma Disorder (CTD) will be an encouragement for others who are navigating their lives and relationships while living with CTD.

White Sheet

My Story

When I was first diagnosed with CTD I wanted to sit down and have coffee with a believer in Jesus who had the disorder... I wanted to hear messages of hope. I wanted to hear how they navigated their relationships, how they mothered, what they did to trust their partner, how they maintained friendships and what their healing process from their abuse looked like. Most importantly, I wanted to know if there was hope for living joyfully while managing CTD. 


After years of navigating my healing journey, I live my life with joy and gratitude, and now have the privilege of sharing those  messages of hope, that I desired, with others. 

If you have CTD, expect, through my story, God and His character to take center stage, giving you hope, encouraging you, and helping you to anchor to Him while managing other relationships. From my successes and failures, I hope my story provides ideas for new ways of living, developing a sense of self, managing triggers and setting boundaries.   

I'd like you to know that all names (including my own) have been changed to protect the identity of my family and other people mentioned in my writing. 

I am here to tell you that you can live a joyful and fulfilling life while managing CTD.


You are not alone, 


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